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Denver's really secret garden....shhhhh!

March 22, 2011 Panayoti Kelaidis
Nearly ten years ago the seeds for a remarkable garden were planted when Wellington and Wilma Webb visited Versailles. They wanted a dramatic garden near the entrance of the city instead of the

Minor triumphs: Muscari azureum season

March 12, 2011 Panayoti Kelaidis
Catalogs call them "minor bulbs"--those little gems that brighten up our gardens in late winter. I am frankly astounded that you see so few of these in Denver gardens (or anywhere in the Rocky

Mordecai Children's Garden Open This Weekend!

March 4, 2011 Melissa Gula
Hello Friends! What a wonderful winter I had snuggled up in the Mordecai Children’s Garden waiting for the first signs of spring. I knew it was time to come out of hibernation when I felt the warm

'Monarchs of Michoacan' Day 5: Uruapan

February 11, 2011 Sarada Krishnan
Patzcuaro is known for its mask making artistry. Masks are used in various festivities such as the Night of the Dead, Festivity of the Virgin of La Salud and Dance of the Little Old Men. Before we

'Monarchs of Michoacan' Day 4: Patzcuaro

February 11, 2011 Sarada Krishnan
Patzcuaro was an important ceremonial center of the indigenous Purepechas people during the pre-Hispanic period. We stay in the heart of this beautiful town close to the two main plaza squares. In the

'Monarchs of Michoacan' Day 1: Morelia

February 6, 2011 Sarada Krishnan
As this popular trip offered by Denver Botanic Gardens and Reefs to Rockies returns this year, I am pleased to lead this trip again. Joining me are seven enthusiastic patrons of the Gardens and nature

Winter gold

January 24, 2011 Panayoti Kelaidis
There are many peccadilloes that annoy sensitive horticulturists: seeing street trees butchered because of bad placement or powerlines, for instance. For me, it's seeing grasses in shopping centers

Horticulture Internships at the Gardens

January 20, 2011 Ann Montague
Each summer college students from across the country descend on Denver Botanic Gardens to participate in our summer horticulture internship program. And even though there’s still snow on the ground

In praise of bad trees...

December 12, 2010 Panayoti Kelaidis
This past fall (as if overnight) a conflagration of spectacular red trees glowed for weeks all over Denver...friends and members of the Gardens would ask me what are those fabulous maples? They are

In praise of bluestems...

December 9, 2010 Panayoti Kelaidis
You would have to be a very strange individual to drive down York street on a sunny morning any time this winter and not notice (or really be stunned) by this amazing planting of little bluestem on

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