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Our Impact

The key for the Gardens is to take our interactions and understandings of plants and use them to break open a world of wonder for the countless people we reach.

Denver Botanic Gardens’ mission of connecting people with plants takes many forms. Sometimes the connection is found through something universal like food. Sometimes it’s found through something particular like art. Other times it’s a connection through the elements that sustain plants – water and soil.

Through establishing and expanding connections between varied audiences and plants – be it at our York Street or Chatfield Farms locations or elsewhere – the Gardens seeks to educate, entertain and even transform the way people think about and engage with the environment.

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Water Stewardship

The Gardens is committed to showcasing beautiful gardens appropriate for a semi-arid climate while advancing water-efficient gardening and agriculture principles through educational programs and partnerships.


Food Programs

The Gardens is committed to increasing access to fresh, healthy food through a number of community-based projects. 


Center for Global Initiatives

The Center for Global Initiatives is to bring international horticultural research and relevance to the Gardens through implementation of diverse and sustainable programs achieving global transformation by connecting people with plants.


Free Shuttle Program

On select days, the Gardens offers free shuttle service between various Denver metro area cultural organizations, community centers and residences to Denver Botanic Gardens York Street and Chatfield Farms

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Trips & Travel 

Travel with Gardens experts!

therapeutic horticulture

Therapeutic Horticulture

Therapeutic horticulture is a sensory, plant-­based, outreach and on­-site program for senior adults and those with special needs.

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