Mordecai Children's Garden

Mordecai Children's Garden

Mordecai Children’s Garden is a place for children and families to explore plants and the natural world, through hands­-on experiences and play. A variety of authentic natural materials in this garden allow kids to use their imagination and sense of wonder to create their own connections with plants. Included with admission to the Gardens.

Temporarily Closed

The Children’s Garden is located on the third floor of the parking garage, between Josephine Street and York Street.

Gain an appreciation for the diversity and importance of plants and their environments.

This magical, 3-­acre oasis provides a unique opportunity for kids to experience the plant life and natural environment of six different ecosystems in Colorado. These ecosystems continually change throughout the spring, summer and fall, so no two visits are the same. The Children’s Garden is located on the third floor of the parking garage, between Josephine Street and York Street.

The Children's Garden is part of the Gardens of the West, showcasing plants that thrive in Colorado’s climate and provide season-long color and texture. Six ecosystems are represented:

  • Alpine — Trailhead Terrace and Rooftop Alpine Garden
  • Subalpine Forest — Marmot Mountain and Pika Peak
  • Montane Forest — Myst­ery Forest
  • Plains and Grassland — Glorious Grasslands
  • Riparian — Pipsqueak Pond
  • Montane Shrubland — Sagebrush Stage


Children's Garden Tour

Mordecai Children’s Garden

August 2020—Mordecai Children’s Garden celebrates its 10th anniversary as a place for children and families to explore plants and the natural world, through hands­-on experiences and play. The 3-acre garden is temporarily closed due to COVID-19, but we didn’t want to miss this important milestone. 

Learn about the design, mission and impact of the Children’s Garden in this video.


Become a volunteer in Mordecai Children’s Garden! Find out how you can help.


Did you know? Chipotle Mexican Grill partnered with the Gardens to name the Chipotle Home Harvest Garden in the Children’s Garden, and it has since hosted events to educate children and families about healthy eating and the origins of food.


Learn how your gift to Mordecai Children’s Garden can support educational programming while ensuring the vibrancy of the garden. Download a printable donation form. If you are interested in a named leaf or flower on our donor trellis, please contact the Development Department at 720-865-3528 or


The Children's Garden is especially suited to ages 12 months to eight years. However, all ages are welcome to play in and explore the Children’s Garden.

Do I have to pay an additional fee to visit the Children’s Garden?

Entry into the Children’s Garden is included in the regular admission to Denver Botanic Gardens. Admission tickets to the Gardens can be purchased online, at the Bonfils-Stanton Visitor Center or at the top of the parking garage in the Children’s Garden Welcome Pavilion.

Does the Gardens offer programs for my children?

Denver Botanic Gardens offers a variety of pre-registered programs for children and families. Here is a list of year-round programs the Gardens offers for children and families.

My child doesn’t like crowds. When do you recommend we visit?

Mornings are generally busiest in the Children’s Garden. Afternoons are typically less crowded.

What should I bring with me?

We encourage children to explore the Children’s Garden’s surroundings, so come prepared for play. Your child can dig in a dirt pit, splash in a stream (the water in the splash creek is turned on Memorial Day weekend, weather permitting) and participate in other activities that can be messy. It's recommended that you dress your child in clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty and bring an extra pair of clothes if your child wants to play in Springmelt Stream. Please keep the stream clean and safe for all visitors. If your little ones are still in diapers, swim diapers are required. Sunscreen, hats and water bottles are always great accessories when visiting the Gardens.

Can I bring my stroller into the Children’s Garden?

The paths in the Children’s Garden are stroller friendly. However, if you’d rather not bring your stroller in, we have designated stroller parking areas along the main path, Marmot Way.

Can I eat and drink in the Children’s Garden?

Picnic lunches, snacks and drinks are welcome in the Children’s Garden. Picnic tables are available under the Mountain Shadows Pavilion and by the Home Harvest Garden. Food is not available for purchase in the Children’s Garden, however you can purchase food and beverages at Offshoots Café or the Hive Garden Bistro in the main Gardens across York Street.

Can I drop off my child to play in the Children’s Garden?

Children CANNOT be left unattended in the Children’s Garden. To ensure the safety of all visitors, all children must be accompanied by an adult.

How do I access the Children’s Garden?

The Children’s Garden is located on the third floor of the parking garage.

How long should I plan on spending in the Children’s Garden?

We recommend an hour and a half to two hours to visit the Children’s Garden. Each time you visit the Children’s Garden you can have a unique experience that extends your stay. Ultimately, the length of your stay will depend upon your child’s desire to explore.

Can my child have a birthday party in the Children's Garden?

Be green with a sustainable birthday party for your child at the Gardens. Birthday parties are offered year-round on Saturdays and Sundays from 9:30-11 a.m., 12:30-2 p.m. or 3:15-4:45 p.m. and weekday afternoons from 3:15-4:45 p.m. Find out more and fill out the Birthday Party Request Form to reserve your space. Children’s birthday parties are held in the Morrison Discovery Center located at the north end of Mordecai Children’s Garden. Our birthday parties are designed for children up to 12 years old.

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