Chatfield Farms Visitor Guidelines

How long should I allow for a visit?

  • People typically spend up to 2 hours at Chatfield Farms.
  • There are 2.5 miles of nature trails which can extend the duration of your visit.
  • Enjoy your visit to Chatfield Farms!



  • Please treat our plants kindly and do not pick flowers, walk through garden beds or climb trees.
  • Please respect the beauty of the area and dispose of all trash in the provided receptacles.
  • To protect the natural resources, all visitors are asked to remain on trails.
  • Birds and other wildlife reside in the area. Please do not disturb nesting sites or feed the animals.
  • Children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Bring plenty of drinking water. You may bring your own food and non-alcoholic beverages to Chatfield Farms. We have many beautiful sites where you can enjoy your picnic lunch. Seating is limited, and we suggest you bring a blanket for your picnic.
  • Visitors are welcome to take photos and videos for personal use.
  • Art is more delicate than it looks—please do not touch or climb on any artwork.
  • The animals living at Chatfield Farms are wild—please do not feed or touch them.
  • Please do not wade in the water features or walk across them when they’re frozen.
  • Long pants and sturdy shoes are recommended to offer protection from poison hemlock, poison ivy and other irritating vegetation, as well as snake and insect bites. Please report any snake sightings to staff immediately.
  • For commercial and professional photography, refer to our Photo Policy for information on permits.
  • Here is parking, transportation and accessibility information.
  • The following are not permitted:
    • No pets allowed at Chatfield Farms. Service dogs/animals are permitted. Please do not leave pets in cars – you will be asked to take them home.
    • Chatfield Farms is a non-smoking facility (including e-cigarettes and vaporizers) by city ordinance.
    • Please help keep Chatfield Farms relaxing for everyone—no loud music, bicycles, scooters, skateboards, frisbees or sleds.
    • No fishing or hunting permitted on grounds.
    • Fires are prohibited.
    • Costume masks that obscure the entire face are not permitted for guests over age 17.
    • Chatfield Farms is a LIVING MUSEUM full of rare, native and endangered species. Due to the sensitive nature of Chatfield Farms’ grounds and horticulture, some items are not allowed onsite. Balloons, potted floor plants, trees and florist-cut flowers are not permitted. No items that are difficult to pick up may be used at Chatfield Farms (such as rice, glitter, beads, birdseed, confetti, flower petals, etc.).

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