Image of a plant and lily pads on water

Our Gardens

York Street presents a wide range of gardens and collections on 24 acres that illustrate an ever-widening diversity of plants from all corners of the world. Distinctive gardens define and celebrate a Western identity and a unique high altitude climate and geography.

Here is a map of our York Street Gardens.

Here is the summer seasonal display in the Orangery.

Internationally Inspired Gardens

Japan, China, South Africa and the Tropics are some of the countries and regions that inspire our garden designs and plant selection. Many of these gardens include plants from other steppe regions that are similar to Denver in climate and soils.

Shady Gardens

These shady gardens provide a great place to linger on warm days. Be inspired by diverse plant palettes that thrive in varying moisture conditions, offer eye-pleasing color and texture and provide habitats for birds and insects.

Water Gardens

The water gardens are home to the aquatic plant collection, which includes waterlilies, water platters, lotus and canna. A system of pools meanders through the Gardens and provides backdrops for many other gardens.

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