Food Programs

Denver Botanic Gardens is committed to increasing access to fresh, healthy food through a number of community-based projects.

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) and Veterans Farm Program
The Chatfield Farms CSA Program, launched in 2010, was the first offered by a botanic garden. The CSA provides 325+ subscriber families weekly with fresh, local produce for 20-23 weeks out of the year. Several tons of vegetables have been donated since the CSA's inception. This CSA is also the growing site for the Denver Human Services and City of Denver farm stands and the site of the Chatfield Farms Veterans Program.

Community Garden at Congress Park
More than 150 neighborhood gardeners grow produce for their families and community members at the Community Garden. Additional produce is donated to food banks and other distribution programs every year.

Denver Housing Authority (DHA) and Denver Human Services (DHS) partnerships 
We grow more than 30 varieties of produce using organic and regenerative practices on a half acre of urban land in DHA’s Sun Valley and Mariposa neighborhoods. Produce is distributed through 30 free farm stands during the season. DHS, in partnership with Food Bank of the Rockies, hosts food bank distributions for families across Denver experiencing hunger.   

SAME Café 
For over ten years, we have been growing a significant amount of produce at both locations for SAME Café. The acronym stands for “So All May Eat,” and the Denver café serves individuals in need with a pay-what-you-can restaurant and food truck. All meals are healthy, locally sourced and delicious.

UFI Season Report - This report offers an overview of the Gardens’ Urban Food Initiatives (UFI) and highlights some recent accomplishments.

Urban Food Initiatives

Denver Botanic Gardens is committed to increasing access to fresh, healthy food through a number of community-based projects, including urban food programs with Denver Housing Authority and SAME Café Denver. 

Regenerative Agriculture at Chatfield Farms

As the effects of climate change continue to cause damage to the environment and to vulnerable populations, it is more important than ever to be mindful of our farming practices. Chatfield Farms is implementing regenerative farming practices that focus on healthy ecosystems all the way from the soil, beneficial insects, animals, water conservation, tilling and more.

Regenerative Agriculture: Healthy Soil

Healthy soil is a critical piece of regenerative agriculture. Chatfield Farms' team shares the ingredients for soil health and how food growers can reduce carbon dioxide release, reduce water usage and reduce weeds with some simple techniques.

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