“Amache Rose” - This film is a production of Denver Botanic Films

Denver Botanic Films

The Gardens established Denver Botanic Films in 2021 to create yet another powerful bridge between people and the rest of nature. By telling stories about the special relationship between humans and plants, we hope to educate and inspire. Here is a schedule of showings in the Sturm Family Auditorium. Films are included with admission, no reservations required.

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Now Showing: "Amache Rose"

A rose grows in the high desert of Colorado, planted 80 years ago by a prisoner of The Granada Relocation Center, or Camp Amache, a prison camp that operated in Colorado from 1942-1945.


"Amache Rose" is the inaugural production of Denver Botanic Films. The film is a collaboration between Denver Botanic Films and the University of Denver’s Anthropology Department. Since the release of the film in 2022, it has been accepted into multiple film festivals, including the Denver Film Festival and the Colorado Dragon Boat Film Festival.


Coming Soon!

"A Branch of Us"

Everyone has a favorite tree. "A Branch of Us" follows the story of four trees and the people who care for them. It includes the story of the largest living organism on Earth and a much smaller bonsai tree. This film strives to make viewers stop and ponder the incredible lives of trees. 

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