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Science & Research

Botanic gardens are built on a foundation of scientific inquiry. From investigating and conserving plants in the wild to horticultural research, science is integral to all activities at the Gardens.

Multiple Fern Cultures
Horticultural Research

Living plant collections form the core of any botanic garden. Knowledge about the collections is gained through research.

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Biodiversity Research

We play a critical role in the conservation, preservation and documentation of plants and fungi by serving as an active center of biodiversity research.

Community Science Programs

The community science approach joins professional researchers and community members to co-create research questions, collect data and analyze results.

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Learn more about the Gardens’ experts in science and horticulture that ensure the Gardens is a world class resource.

Graduate Training
Graduate Training, Internships & Seasonal Positions

The Gardens provides a diversity of training opportunities for the next generation of scientists and horticulturists.

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