Science Pyramid

Science Pyramid Exhibition

Learn about plants, animals, people and how water connects us all in this exhibition. Included with admission.

Welcome Home: Meet Your Habitat exhibition in the Science Pyramid explores the ways in which the lives of Colorado’s living things are deeply intertwined through landscapes and the finite resources we share. Your home is not only part of a human neighborhood, it’s part of your habitat, one you share with millions of plants, animals, fungi and other organisms. Welcome Home combines natural objects and human artifacts with interactive digital stories to reveal the surprising and often invisible depths of our bonds with nature.

Need a breather? Pull up a comfy chair in the Habitat Lounge in the Science Pyramid to learn how organisms adapt to their habitats and explore easy ways to adapt your own behavior to support the health of our shared home.

This exhibition is funded in part by a grant from the Colorado Water Conservation Board.

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