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Mexican Journal: Day 4 – Patzcuaro

February 11, 2010 Sarada Krishnan
After viewing the Monarch butterflies at Sierra Chincua, our next stop is the town of Patzcuaro. Located 53 km southwest of Morelia, Patzcuaro was an important ceremonial center of the native

Bold, Beautiful Brownea

February 4, 2010 Nick Daniel
This time of year, while rather bleak and cold outside, really gets me excited for what's growing on in the Boettcher Memorial Tropical Conservatory. As I was watering this morning, I could not take

Hidden treasures

February 4, 2010 Panayoti Kelaidis
Rohdea japonica in winter glory Some plants don't overwhelm at first. These obscure, strange little plants in the Lily Family are tucked here and there around Denver Botanic Gardens. As you can see

Canyonlands calling!

January 28, 2010 Panayoti Kelaidis
It's hard to believe that in a mere three months the giant mounds of claret cup all over the west will be studded with their waxy, badminton birdie flowers. Wouldn't you enjoy seeing this in person

An American Celebration!

January 28, 2010 Nick Daniel
In July of this year, the Biennial of the Americas will be occurring here in Denver. It is a celebration of art, culture, and the Western Hemisphere in general. So this got me to thinking, what better

Signs of a new season

January 27, 2010 Mike Kintgen
Contrary to popular belief plants are not as dormant in winter as one would think. Even in a rather harsh climate like Denver there are flowers that bloom outside through the colder months. Adonis

Queen of the steppes

January 13, 2010 Panayoti Kelaidis
Kazakhstan was as cool and rainy as we had been in Colorado last June: a different year we would likely have missed the last peonies, which we caught at their very peak. The picture above was taken in

A Time for Reflection

January 7, 2010 Mike Kintgen
Winter is my least favorite season, no doubt about it. The coldest season does have a few perks, it is really the only time when gardeners can catch their breath and truly enjoy the garden for what it

Christmas Rose (Lo, How a Rose E'er blooming)

December 23, 2009 Mike Kintgen
Christmas rose, or Helleborus niger, was hidden at the bottom of my last blog and didn't get just attention. Christmas rose is often cited as the actual "rose" that inspired the German Christmas carol

Winter Beauty in the Rock Alpine Garden

December 21, 2009 Mike Kintgen
Despite the balmy 54 degrees Fahrenheit it is as I write this, today is the official start of winter. The winter solstice not only marks the official start of winter but ironically the return to

Is it spring yet?.....

December 3, 2009 Panayoti Kelaidis
I realize that here in Ski country it's not always popular to complain when the thermometer plummets and your back is saying "enough white stuff already!"...we inveterate gardeners frankly can't wait

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