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Oh the Gall! Strange Growths on Leaves

July 30, 2018 Emily Stine
One of the most frequent questions I get around this time of year is “what is growing on my leaves?” while being handed a hackberry leaf with knobs on the back. These knobs are galls – abnormal

Medicinal Plants Virtual Tour at the Gardens

July 28, 2018 Horticulture Intern
Kenna here, the medicinal plant intern at Denver Botanic Gardens. I’m excited to announce the newly publicized medicinal plants virtual tour on the Gardens Navigator website! In creating this virtual

The final (plastic) straw!

July 25, 2018 Jennifer Riley-Chetwynd
Plastic straws are OUT! As an article in the Denver Post recently illustrated, Colorado restaurants are joining a national and even international trend to replace single-use plastic straws with either

World’s Largest Orchid Plant in Bloom

July 20, 2018 Nick Snakenberg
If you’ve ever wanted to see the world’s largest orchid plant in bloom, now is your chance. While there are taller orchid plants and larger orchid flowers, the overall mass of Grammatophyllum

Japanese Beetle Biological Control Release

July 15, 2018 Emily Stine
Japanese beetles (Popillia japonica) have become numerous around Denver Botanic Gardens – I can’t walk near grapes, roses or other flowering plants and not see them. Even though these insects are

Medicinal Plant Intern at the Gardens

July 6, 2018 Horticulture Intern
To be honest with you, I had very little knowledge of medicinal plants before I started as the medicinal plant intern here at Denver Botanic Gardens. The little that I did know came from being raised

Leaf Miners: Not Mining for Gold

July 2, 2018 Emily Stine
Blotchy patches, serpentine lines, and small black dots inside a clear section of leaf – these are all symptoms I look for when diagnosing leaf miner damage. Leaf miners are the larval form of a few

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