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Victorian Secret Garden

July Walking Tour - Container Displays

July 2, 2020 Jennifer Miller

Now that it’s July and seedlings have had time to root in, container displays around the Gardens are taking off -- bulking up in size, spilling over edges and launching flower stalks. Come with me as


Bromeliaceae in the Tropical Conservatory

April 7, 2020 Scott Preusser
The family Bromeliaceae offers some fascinating plants, a variety of which can be found in the Boettcher Memorial Tropical Conservatory. Though the Gardens is currently closed due to COVID-19, you can

King of Bromeliads (Vriesea hieroglyphica)

January 17, 2020 Scott Preusser
The common name for this plant says it all, king of bromeliads. One glance at this striking specimen and you will know why it bears this name and why it is so highly sought after by plant collectors

An American Celebration!

January 28, 2010 Nick Daniel
In July of this year, the Biennial of the Americas will be occurring here in Denver. It is a celebration of art, culture, and the Western Hemisphere in general. So this got me to thinking, what better

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