Is Autumn a time for visiting gardens?

August 24, 2009 Panayoti Kelaidis , Senior Curator & Director of Outreach

Tatroe Godwattery I think sometimes we Americans take cuccooning a bit too far! You have to call friends ahead of time before you visit nowadays (was I the only one whose family would "drop in" on friends growing up?) preferably we make arrangements weeks in advance, we are so important you know...The Europeans believe in visiting one another unannounced. In Britain visiting gardens has been raised to a high art. You can buy a garden visit book at any newstand by the National Garden scheme ( with descriptions and dates where you can visit over 3600 gardens during the garden year. This charity thereby raises enormous sums to support worthy causes. We have a similar organization. The Garden Conservancy was designed to preserve great gardens across America. This year Denver Botanic Gardens is helping support the autumn garden tours sponsored by GC: these include Randy and Marcia Tatroe's "Godwottery" in Centennial, Dan Johnson's Englewood extravaganza, the Mentor's expansive garden in Greenwood Village, Rob Proctor and David Macke's famous garden in Denver and Ann Weckbaugh's Denver jewlbox garden: these are among the most ambitious and accomplished gardens in our region. Check further details at: Take look around your garden and see if you could host a tour this autumn: if not, sign up for this tour: you can get tips on how to get your garden up to speed! More importantly, you can have an enchanting day in our most equable and wonderful season. Also, the night before the tour there will be a talks by the designers of these gardens and Lauren Springer Ogden. Who says autumn isn't for gardens?  


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