Denver Botanic Gardens’ York Street location will open with capped numbers and timed tickets on Friday, May 22. Here are details on what to expect upon your return. Denver Botanic Gardens Chatfield Farms’ re-opening is yet to be determined.

Denver Botanic Gardens is a living museum. We exhaustively document our plants from seed to compost and capture every stage of the plant life cycle.

Plants are collected from the wild, received through exchanges such as Index Seminum (here is the 2018 Desiderata) and purchased from nurseries and garden centers. Each plant (or group of plants of the same taxon and source) that comes into the Gardens is entered into our database. This allows us to track everything about a plant including its health, size and current and past locations.

The depth of information may include the carefully measured trunk diameter of a champion tree, a notation of the date of bloom, map coordinates and notes of performance for a plant in a test garden. This data is part of what makes Denver Botanic Gardens a world-class botanical resource.

The living collections are available to outside researchers, botanists and horticulturists to utilize for their projects with advance approval by filling out the Material Transfer Agreement form. Please complete this form and have permission granted one business week before intended collection date.

Here is our Living Collections Management Policy.