Evenings al Fresco Performers

Each night features a vibrant mix of talented local musicians performing unamplified against a stunning backdrop of peak summer blooms. Here is more information about Evenings al Fresco.

Here are Evenings al Fresco FAQ.

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Monday, June 17

Monday, June 24

Wednesday, June 26

Thursday, June 27
Members of the Symphony of the Rockies

  • Peter Kennedy Classical / Contemporary
  • Woodwind Quartet Classical & Modern Songs
  • Margaret Ozaki Graves & Jerome Sibulo TBA
  • Avery Smith/Jenna Moore/Ethan Buell Classical
  • Amelie Peccoud Classical



Monday, July 1

Tuesday, July 2

Monday, July 15

Tuesday, July 16

Thursday, July 18
Members of the Symphony of the Rockies

  • Hillary Schefter & Evelyn Rutenberg – Classical & Folk Songs
  • Maddie Hubler – TBA
  • Stephanie Garvey – Classical with a Twist
  • Amelie Peccoud – TBA
  • Gavonne Goodwin & Rhys Hanson – Ambient Improvisation

Monday, July 29

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