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Steppe Garden Awakening

May 24, 2018 Mike Bone
There are many conversations that can come from a visit to the Steppe Garden—conversations about plants, soils, pollinators, design, ecology, hydrology, distribution and connections. This unique space

Autumnal fire

October 10, 2010 Panayoti Kelaidis
What an amazing autumn! We almost always have had a dusting of snow by now, or light frost. But this fiery summer blazes on, especially in the many spectacular scarlet, crimson and fiery flowers

Winter Beauty in the Rock Alpine Garden

December 21, 2009 Mike Kintgen
Despite the balmy 54 degrees Fahrenheit it is as I write this, today is the official start of winter. The winter solstice not only marks the official start of winter but ironically the return to

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