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Japanese Garden

Discover the Season with a Gardens Tour

September 10, 2020 Emily Badway

September is a month of transitions as school is back in session, as summer turns to autumn, and as our horticulturists begin preparations in the Gardens for the cold season. The plants themselves are

Symphyotrichum lateriflorum 'Lady in Black'

September Walking Tour: Falling for the Asters

September 2, 2020 Mike Bone

The aster family (Asteraceae) is one of the largest plant families and is represented in virtually every habitat you can imagine. It seems that fall is the time that they really shine, and we embrace


Bulbs: More Scandalous Than You Think

September 19, 2017 Special Events
This weekend, gardeners will flock to our annual Fall Plant & Bulb Sale, where scores of spring-blooming bulbs and hardy fall plants will be available for purchase and our horticulturists will offer

Why do leaves change color in the Fall?

October 7, 2009 Sarada Krishnan
Have you ever wondered what really happens within plants to help them carry on through the winter? As autumn approaches, the sun begins to set closer to the horizon, leading to cooler nights and

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