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Tajikistan Transcendent

December 20, 2023 Kevin Williams

It may be years before I fully process my experiences in Tajikistan. The scale of the land, the richness of the flora and the ferocity of our travel schedule still boggles me. As I reminisce, the most

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2022 Rock Alpine Garden Internship

August 23, 2022 Horticulture Department

My time at Denver Botanic Gardens has been a unique educational experience that I know will prove to be a pivotal moment in my horticulture career. I applied to the Rock Alpine Collections Intern

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Saving Tiny Plants Through Big Collaboration

August 26, 2021 Jennifer Ramp Neale, Ph.D.

As summer is starting to wind down and field season is largely wrapping up, work in the alpine continues. The alpine field season, being higher in elevation, is delayed compared to the flowering


Himalayan Super Bloom: How About China?

January 7, 2020 Panayoti Kelaidis
Colorado wildflower lovers know that the Rockies seem to have a super bloom every year in the high mountains. The Himalayas likewise have a reliable super bloom in the summer months—with a rather

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