Himalayan Super Bloom: How About China?

January 7, 2020 Panayoti Kelaidis , Senior Curator & Director of Outreach

Colorado wildflower lovers know that the Rockies seem to have a super bloom every year in the high mountains. The Himalayas likewise have a reliable super bloom in the summer months—with a rather different palette of plant gems. In China you will find hundreds of kinds of rhododendrons and primulas (in Colorado we have one rhody and five primroses—boo-hoo!) and let’s not even talk about the stunning blue poppies (Meconopsis) and dozens of species of jack-in-the-pulpit.

The montane and alpine flora of China is truly fantastic. I’ve been lucky to have visited four times in recent decades, and every time my expectations have been wildly exceeded. This coming June we have a unique opportunity to visit some of China’s botanical hot spots in the province of Sichuan (yes, the land of hot peppers and the panda!).

The trip has been carefully planned to hit key spots when some choice wildflowers—lady slippers, poppies and the giant rhubarbs—will be in peak bloom. And of course, lots of rhododendrons, lilies and cushion plants galore!

Here is the exciting Sichuan itinerary planned for this trip.

If you can’t sign up right now, you can still get a taste of what we’re going to do and see by attending my talk "The Garden Gifts of China and Tibet" at the beautiful Cherokee Ranch & Castle.


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