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Release of the Flora of Colorado, Second Edition

October 6, 2022 Jennifer Ackerfield

The “Flora of Colorado, Second Edition,” release is just around the corner. You’ll be able to get your copy mid-November at the Shop at the Gardens. With the first edition published in 2015, it was

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Vampire Plants, Just in Time for Spooky Season

October 4, 2022 Jennifer Ackerfield

A spooky plant to look for this Halloween is Cuscuta, usually referred to as dodder but also known as strangle vine, witch’s shoelaces and even devil’s guts. Cuscuta is also an example of a “vampire

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October Walking Tour – Western Shrubscapes

September 28, 2022 Michael Guidi

The American West is a shrubby place. Our region’s arid climate and ecology limits the growth of trees, leaving grasslands and shrublands to reign supreme. Our dry shrublands are alive with varying

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Mushroom Madness in Telluride, 2022 Edition

September 19, 2022 Andrew Wilson

For the second year in a row, summer monsoons have blessed the Southern Rockies. With the rain came the mushrooms, making an incredible appearance at the 2022 Telluride Mushroom Festival. This year

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Host an Unforgettable Holiday Party

September 15, 2022 Special Events

Now is the time to plan your holiday party! Celebrate this year’s accomplishments by spending time laughing, connecting and sharing with your colleagues. The Gardens has multiple outstanding spaces

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The night-blooming Peruvian cactus

September 5, 2022 Horticulture Department

Pencils and paper out! It’s time for a pop quiz! What kind of critter would you guess pollinates a plant that blooms at night? If you guessed a moth or a bat, you get an A. One of my favorite plants

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Onsite Compost for Farmers and Gardeners

August 26, 2022 Rutger Myers

Creating compost is an important, yet often overlooked part of the growing process. Onsite agricultural compost has the potential to make a huge impact, not only on our plants’ health, but also on our

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Golf Course Conservation

August 25, 2022 Rebecca Hufft, Ph.D.

Urban areas are increasingly becoming important as we look to conserve and restore wildlife and ecosystems. Our newest partner in better understanding the biodiversity in Denver and surrounding areas

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