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Notes from the Field

December 15, 2023 Research & Conservation

As the newly established floristic and outreach coordinator, this year I joined our Research & Conservation Department on various field adventures across Colorado. From the prairie of the Eastern

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Private Event Rental Dates for 2025 Now Open!

December 11, 2023 Special Events

The 2025 calendar for event booking at York Street is open. It’s time to start planning your next event! With a variety of rental sites, we can accommodate it all: weddings, company picnics, baby or

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Creating Winter Containers

December 7, 2023 Cassie Doolittle

At Chatfield Farms, we have just finished our installation of winter containers. Whether they are glittery or natural, DIY winter containers don’t have to cost you an arm and a leg to make. Here are a

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December Walking Tour – This Brutal Garden

December 4, 2023 Kevin Williams

Why do soft beings make such hard things? As the plants of the Gardens seasonally senesce, and the colorful foliage of autumn is replaced by the stark, skeletal, lignified forms of winter, the built

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Collaboration for Conservation

November 29, 2023 Michelle DePrenger-Levin

Federally listed plants (rare plants that are considered threatened or endangered) are protected on public lands. However, sometimes there is conflict between energy needs and lands that support rare

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Behind the Lights at Trail of Lights

November 22, 2023 Jamie Heldt

The team at Chatfield Farms is always trying to bring new things to our Trail of Lights display to keep our wonderful visitors coming back every year. In 2022 we debuted our magnificent amphitheater

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Reconnecting with My Roots

November 20, 2023 Research & Conservation

I was born in Mexico City; my family and I arrived at the U.S. when I was just 8 years old. Eighteen years had passed since I’d been in my native country, but last May, I finally returned to Mexico to

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Positive Impact of Green Roofs

November 13, 2023 Michael Guidi

Green roofs, also known as vegetated roofs or living roofs, are recognized as a sustainable strategy for urban development. These eco-friendly rooftops offer a multitude of environmental, economic and

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