Scientific Highlights – Now Online

May 11, 2020 Stephanie White , Former Research Coordinator

Before the Gardens temporarily closed its doors to the public in response to COVID-19, scientists finished up a publication highlighting the research, conservation and science outreach we have led over the past year. This publication is the Science: 2019 Year in Review.

Science: 2019 Year in Review discusses preperation for the move of plant, fungal and arthropod specimens to the Freyer – Newman Center, where these collections will continue to be used in scientific research. It shares stories of rare plants and recent policy changes that we have contributed to through years of demographic monitoring. It explains the expansion of our ex situ conservation efforts – from collecting seeds for experimentation from the alpine to collecting seeds for future restoration all throughout Colorado. It shares countless other scientific highlights and further updates on our natural history collections.

We printed many copies of this publication to be shared at outreach events, external meetings and for visitors to view when they drop by. Luckily, while the Gardens is closed, Science: 2019 Year in Review is available online.

Browse through these scientific highlights to learn more about research, conservation and science outreach at the Gardens. And know that we are still researching, conserving and celebrating science from home.


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