An EcoQuest For You

May 14, 2020 Jennifer Ackerfield , Head Curator of Natural History Collections & Associate Director of Biodiversity Research

Each month, we send Denver citizens on a “quest” to discover biodiversity in new and different ways through use of iNaturalist, a citizen science app. Participants document the plants, fungi and associated insects, birds and mammals of their communities – learning more about the ecology of Denver with each observation. This data contributes to the Denver EcoFlora Project, a citizen science-based effort to create a flora of Denver that will ultimately be used for research about urban ecosystems, environmental education and conservation planning.

If you are interested in participating in the Denver EcoFlora Project, we have a quest for you. Now through May 31, we challenge you to follow your nose to find the stinky purple mustard, Chorispora tenella. This easy-to-smell plant is an invasive species form Europe and Asia. By discovering and documenting this plant using iNaturalist, you will help the Gardens learn more about the abundance and distribution of this species.

Chorispora tenella flower

Chorispora tenella

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