Office Outing Refresh

August 9, 2022 Jeremiah Tjossem , Private Events Facilities Technician

We’ve all been there: Work is piling up and your staff seem to be more stressed than ever. It’s time to stop and hit refresh. 

Doing so can be as simple as scheduling some teambuilding or by creating an opportunity to get your staff out of the office, away from the stress, and back to a happy baseline. 

Chatfield Farms offers you and your staff or coworkers a natural hideaway to refresh and reengage with each other in a healthy and sustainable environment. From luncheons to teambuilding and corporate parties to retreats, we offer a wide range of natural space to refresh your mindset and help your colleagues and staff reconnect.

One of our favorite spaces is the yurt, which can host between 20-35 people as a central gathering space for an out-of-office experience. If the occasion calls for a luncheon or party, the Green Farm Barn, Deer Creek Stables, an 1870s schoolhouse and the Polly Steele Center are perfect for large to small events that can be catered.

Each site at Chatfield Farms is surrounded by beautifully landscaped gardens and views of the foothills. Take advantage of the myriad of trails we have running through the property and explore nature, or if you’re looking for something a little more engaging, Corn Maze is a fun challenge for any team.

Whatever your need, we would love to accommodate you at Chatfield Farms. 


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