Join Us for Orchid Day, February 11

February 6, 2024 Exhibits Department

“We admire it for its grotesqueness, its curious arrangement of parts, because it is unlike anything else—in short, because it is an Orchid.” -Lena Leslie, Vick's Illustrated Monthly Magazine, 1888

When you think of orchids, what comes to mind? I think of the sad purple plants waiting for forever homes at the grocery store. While many of us take orchids for granted as fussy houseplants, this freaky, fabulous family of flowers wasn’t always as commonplace as it is today. In fact, orchid hunters used to go to great lengths to find rare, delicate, never-before-seen specimens. You can learn all about this fascinating history and more at the Orchid Showcase, on view through February 19.

Still can't get enough orchids? Join us for Orchid Day on Sunday, February 11! We'll celebrate all things orchids with hands-on activities for the whole family throughout the Gardens. 

Orchids have enchanted humans for centuries. Join us for Orchid Day and meet your new favorite plant!

All activities are included with general admission to the Gardens. Learn more and get your tickets


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