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February 5, 2024 Tiffany Coleman , Marketing Manager

If I were to tell you to close your eyes and think of your favorite tree, what would it be? Maybe it’s the tree that you planted in memorial for a loved one, the tree you stand under at the bus stop or maybe just the tree you used to climb as a kid. Really, it’s the tree that if it were cut down, you would feel like a little piece of you was missing. Those trees are the inspiration for the new film “A Branch of Us.”

I set out on a mission to find four unique trees and the stories behind them, and the journey took me out of this world. This second film produced by Denver Botanic Films® features the story of the largest living organism on earth alongside a 400-year-old bonsai tree, the tale of an American legend and one of humankind’s greatest endeavors.

Other films may dig into the science behind protecting trees, examine the fact that they provide the air we breathe or present how they are some of the best means of carbon sequestration on the planet. This film, however, explores the human aspect, the emotional connection to trees, that sense of wonder they provide.

“A Branch of Us” will begin showing at Denver Botanic Gardens in the Sturm Family Auditorium on February 8. Entry is included with the price of admission to the Gardens and additional reservations do not need to be made. Learn more and view screening times

This article was contributed by Billy Kanaly, film director and producer, Denver Botanic Films. 


Movie poster for A Branch of Us

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