The fusion of science and art is the heart of Denver Botanic Gardens.

It is rare that an institution contains breadth and depth in a variety of specialties related to human interaction with the natural world. At the Gardens, one can find preserved plant and fungi specimens, documented uses of plants and historic botanical illustration. Contemporary botanical illustration programs extends the scientific art of documentation into the 21st century.

The Gardens’ holdings are unique because horticulture, plant conservation and preservation, mycology and art unite to document human relationships with these elements and the larger environment. Housing each of these programmatic elements in a single facility — the Freyer - Newman Center — will make these assets more accessible to the public.

The Gardens broke ground in May 2018 for the Freyer - Newman Center. The LEED GOLD building, designed by Denver’s Davis Partnership Architects, is slated for completion in spring 2020.

Thanks to Denver voters for supporting 2B!
For the second time in our history, Denver Botanic Gardens was included in a package of general obligation bond proposals that were decided by the voters of Denver on Nov. 7, 2017. We are now able to complete our Master Development Plan with the new Center and the rehabilitation of the Boettcher Memorial Center. The Center will house six classrooms; four galleries; new herbaria for vascular plants, mushrooms and slime molds; laboratories; a new library and a coffee shop. A children’s zone will be added to the Boettcher Memorial Center.

Denver Botanic Gardens announces two named donors whose contributions will help realize a 10-year Master Development Plan. Robert and Judi Newman and Ginny and John Freyer together have contributed the final amount of funds to make possible the construction of a new center for science, art and education.

Construction Update

Sept. 23, 2019

Construction completion on the Freyer – Newman Center is now approaching 70 percent.  

  • We are at almost 100 percent enclosure of the building.
  • Stucco is complete on the west side of the building, brick and cladding is wrapping the south and west ends.
  • Glazing is now in on the exterior walls.
  • Framing of the interior walls is complete, power and data are being run and inspections are occurring weekly.
  • Excavation is underway for the installation of the irrigation system and landscaping at the front of the building along York Street.
  • Mechanical systems are now installed and inspections are occurring.
  • The infrastructure for the bridge connecting the Freyer - Newman Center to the Boettcher Memorial Center is now installed and will be finalized over the next weeks. 

Contact Us

For information about giving to the Freyer - Newman Center Campaign, please contact Johanna Kelly at 720-865-3517 or