Japanese Tea Ceremony - Golden Hour

For centuries, the traditional practice of the tea ceremony has been considered a hallmark example of Japanese life, based on principles of harmony, respect, purity, tranquility and elegant simplicity. Join us for this opportunity to observe and participate in an authentic tea ceremony experience held in the Ella Mullen Weckbaugh Tea House in Shofu-En, the Japanese Garden.

This program explores seasonality and plant aesthetics found in Japanese Tea in an intimate late afternoon/early evening setting. This program is a companion experience to daytime Japanese Tea Ceremony programs offered by the Gardens and is designed for new and returning guests alike.


The format of the program consists of four parts:

1) A guided explanation of the inner "roji" tea garden; highlighting unique aspects, basic etiquette while in the tea garden and a short contemplative exploration of the space.

2) A concise introduction to the "Way of Tea," and to the architecture of the Japanese tea house, with further discussion of seasonality and garden aesthetics found in the Way of Tea and in Japanese culture in general.

3) A demonstration of the preparation of tea in the tearoom.

4) A service of Japanese sweets (okashi) and matcha tea for guests, with time for observations and questions.


Special Instructions: Please gather near the large gate entrance to the Tea Garden 15 minutes before your program time. Programs will start promptly at the scheduled time and late entry is discouraged. There is no air conditioning in the teahouse, so lightweight, modest clothing is recommended (shorts, short skirts, or sleeveless tops are not permitted). Please turn off all cell phones during the program.


Price: $42, $36 member

Instructor: Lindsey Higo


Lindsey Higo is a licensed practitioner in the Urasenke Way of Tea with 15 years' experience and is a graduate of the Urasenke Professional College for Tea in Kyoto, Japan. Ms. Higo is the current President of Rocky Mountain Chado, a Colorado based networking organization that connects people to Japanese Tea, language and its related arts. Lindsey's love for Tea resides in the relationship between a host and a guest; she strives to create an approachable and welcoming environment to foster cultural appreciation and warmth in both teaching and social spaces. Lindsey spends part of her time each year in Japan studying, travelling and enjoying time with her husband's family.


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