Ana María Hernando, Ñusta de la hora sagrada / Ñusta of the Holy Twilight (detail), tulle, wood, and mixed media, 2021

Fervor: Ana María Hernando

Interdisciplinary artist Ana María Hernando harnesses the power of painting, poetry and installation to honor and alter traditional feminine craft and community.

Sept. 11, 2021 – Jan. 2, 2022

Freyer – Newman Center

Ana María Hernando’s love of plants, birds and the earth permeates the works in this exhibition. From embroidered birdsongs to powerful female mountain deities rendered in tulle, her works give shape to the exuberant spirit of nature through sound, color and texture. A fervent prayer for connection between humans and the soul of nature in all its varied forms, Fervor is an act of devotion illuminating the beauty and irrepressible living energy of the natural world.


About the Artist

Argentinian by birth, Hernando studied at the Escuela Nacional d Bellas Artes Prilidiano Pueyrredón, Buenos Aires, Argentina; the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, MA; and the California College of the Arts, Oakland, CA. She exhibits and travels often and her artwork is found in many collections, including: University of Colorado Art Museum, Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art, and the Tweed Museum of Art.


This exhibition is organized in collaboration with Robischon Gallery, Denver.


Meet the Artist: Ana María Hernando

Textile and Tradition in Fervor blog post

Combining a variety of media, Fervor is a layered sensory landscape dedicated to nature.

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