Orchid Showcase - Phalaenopsis hybrid orchid

Orchid Showcase

Due to COVID-19, our annual Orchid Showcase has been canceled, however we are hosting a Virtual Orchid Showcase.



  • During the week, visit Instagram to see rare and beautiful specimens in our greenhouse collection that are never on public display.
  • Hop over to Facebook to discover a few more orchid specimens, get orchid care tips and other orchid content, including videos about our collection and botanical illustrations.
  • Orchid fun facts and photos will also be shared on Twitter. Followers will have an opportunity to show us their orchid plants, creating a gorgeous communal online orchid display.

Please note: the Virtual Orchid Showcase is online only. No orchid display or related programs are happening on site at the Gardens. We look forward to presenting an in-person Orchid Showcase in 2022!

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