Cultivation Cruiser

Cultivation Cruiser Outreach brings the Gardens to your classroom with plants, fun and unique activities, and planting projects. Our programs will engage your student's natural curiosity to excite them about the world of plants all within the confines of your classroom. A Spanish speaking bilingual instructor may be available upon request.

Age ranges below are suggestions only. We can adapt most programs to meet the needs of a variety of learners. Programs limited to 30 students.

Reservations: Here is the application to request a Cultivation Cruiser program with Denver Botanic Gardens. 

Cost: Cultivation Cruiser programs are available for all schools within SCFD. Cultivation Cruiser programs cost $75 each plus a $15 mileage fee for each trip we take to your school.

A limited amount of scholarship money is available to support schools with 50 percent or more participation in the Federal Free and Reduced Lunch Program

Sensory Adventures (Grades PreK-1) - 60 minutes

Students use their sense of smell, taste, sight, touch and hearing to explore the world of plants. This hands-on sensory program includes a planting project for students to take home. A Spanish speaking bilingual instructor may be available upon request.

Ecological Explorations (Grades 2-4) - 60 minutes

Plants and animals work together in many ways in ecosystems all over the world. Students will discover what lives in an ecosystem and how the plants and animals in the ecosystem interact with one another. A Spanish speaking bilingual instructor may be available upon request.

Flower Power (Grades 1-5) - 60 minutes

Flowers are beautiful, but their real and important purpose is for reproduction in the plant. Students will investigate flowers and learn how they help in the important process of pollination and seed formation. A Spanish speaking bilingual instructor may be available upon request.

Water in Colorado (Grades 1-5) - 60 minutes

Water conservation is important to the survival of people and nature in Colorado and beyond. While learning about local water issues and the water cycle, students will explore the adaptations of low-water plants, construct a Colorado wetland, and investigate methods to measure and prevent water pollution.

Planting Project (Grades PreK-12) - 15 minutes

Provide an opportunity for your students to get dirt under their fingernails while potting their very own plant or seeds to care for. The planting project gives your students an opportunity to plant in a short time frame. Student groups of 20-30 students will spend approximately 15 minutes planting and exploring a diverse selection of plants using their five senses. Cost: $1 per student, $100 minimum.

Interactive Distance Learning

Engage your students with an interactive virtual lab from Denver Botanic Gardens. Using video conferencing technology, an instructor from the Gardens will virtually visit your classroom. Email for more information.

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