Cultivation Cruiser Outreach Programs

Cultivation Cruiser Programs

Cultivation Cruiser brings the Gardens to your classroom with plants, fun and unique activities, and planting projects. Our programs will engage your students’ natural curiosity to excite them about the world of plants – all within the confines of your classroom. Age ranges below are suggestions; we can adapt most programs to meet the needs of a variety of learners.

  • Programs are 1 hour long and cost $120 per session; programs are limited to 30 students per session. Start times available during the school day based on your schedule.
  • Schools must be within the SCFD to book in-person cruiser programs. If you are outside of the SCFD please book a virtual outreach program.
  • A bilingual Spanish-speaking instructor may be available upon request.

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Sensory Adventures (Grades Pre-K–1)

Bring the world of plants to life using your five senses to explore their different colors, textures, shapes, and smells. Learn about the many ways we use plants every day and plant seeds to grow at school or at home.

Ecological Explorations (Grades 2–4)

From individual species to interconnected food webs, discover the important roles of plants, animals, and decomposers within a prairie ecosystem. Plant native prairie seeds to grow at school or at home.

Flower Power (Grades 1–5)

Discover all the parts of a flower and learn about the roles they play in pollination. Dissect a flower and plant seeds to grow at school or at home.

A limited amount of scholarship money is available to support schools with 50 percent or more participation in the Federal Free and Reduced Lunch Program.

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