Virtual Programs

Virtual Programs

Whether your students are engaging remotely or are in the classroom, help them grow their science skills while gaining knowledge and appreciation for the natural world with a virtual program from Denver Botanic Gardens.

  • Programs are cross-curricular and align with Colorado Academic Standards.
  • Using video conferencing technology, an instructor from the Gardens virtually visits your students.
  • A bilingual Spanish-speaking instructor may be available upon request.
  • For more information on any program, call 720-865-3656 or email
  • Advanced reservations are required for all programs. Scholarships are available. Find out more about our scholarship program.

Price: Virtual programs cost $100 per program for schools within SCFD, $120 per program for schools outside SCFD. Each live, synchronous program session is limited to 30 students.


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Exploring Plants (Grades PreK-2) - ONLINE

Become a plant! Act out the life cycle of a plant while learning about each plant part. Discover what plants need to grow and why they are important. 30 minutes


Cheyenne Camp: Plains Conservation Center (Grades 1-5) - ONLINE

Learn about how the Cheyenne thrived on the Colorado plains in the early 1800s by utilizing the natural prairie resources, especially bison. 45 minutes


Sod Homestead: Plains Conservation Center (Grades 1-5) - ONLINE

Explore a sod house and compare homestead life in the 1880s to today. 45 minutes


Ecology of the Dust Bowl: Plains Conservation Center (Grades 3-8) - ONLINE 

Investigate the ecological implications of the dust bowl and discover how protecting the prairie ecosystem benefits us all. 45 minutes 


Journey to the Rainforest (Grades 1-8) - ONLINE

Explore each layer of the rainforest ecosystem and learn about the plants and animals that call it home. Discover which rainforest plants are important to our everyday lives. 45 minutes


Ecological Explorations (Grades 2-4) - ONLINE

Plants and animals work together in many ways in ecosystems all over the world. Students discover what components make an ecosystem and how the plants and animals that live there interact with one another. 45 minutes


Strange and Unusual Plants (Grades 2-8) - ONLINE

Discover the wacky ways plants like the Venus flytrap and others have adapted to survive. Compare plant adaptations from ecosystems around the globe. 45 minutes


Botany in the Kitchen (Grades 3-8) - ONLINE

Have you eaten a plant today? Students learn about the structures and functions of various edible plant parts and then discover how to grow a garden at home from leftovers in their own kitchen. 45 minutes


Custom Program - ONLINE

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Email us at if you’d like to schedule a custom virtual program. Subject to expert availability.

A limited amount of scholarship money is available to support schools with 50 percent or more participation in the Federal Free and Reduced Lunch Program.

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