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Science & Art Lectures

Lectures include Café Botanique and other presentations and workshops.

Café Botanique is a lecture series open to all. These talks cover a wide range of topics that approach the intersection of art and science. Lectures are generally 30-40 minutes and are followed by a question-and-answer session and discussion.

Other programs and workshops are scheduled throughout the year, posting on the main Gardens event and programs calendar. Please check the calendar often to see what is being offered.

Selected lectures at Denver Botanic Gardens qualify for elective credits for the Botanical Illustration program. Attendance at one lecture gives one elective credit hour; students can receive a maximum of 15 credit hours from these lectures. Pre-registration is required for credit.

Online (Mountain Time)

Cafe Botanique: Unconventional Photographs in the Natural World - ONLINE

September 14, 2022 | Adults, Art & Exhibitions, Botanical Illustration Certificate, Online - Mountain Time, School of Botanical Art & Illustration, Science & Art

Brenda Biondo creates unconventional photographs that encourage new ways of looking at elements of the natural world. Her latest series of work, A

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