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School of Botanical Art & Illustration FAQ

Can I transfer courses from another institution and have them count toward the Program?

If you have taken courses within another Botanical Illustration program, they may be considered for transfer credit. Email with information on the institution, course syllabi and final work from each class for evaluation. Please note that credits from the Gardens' Botanical Illustration program may or may not transfer to other institutions.

Can I take any course or workshop I want?

Yes (sort of). Our courses are open to everyone; however, some have required prerequisites. Be sure to read the full course description before registering to make sure you have taken the required prerequisite class(es).

If you have previously taken and passed a core course within the Botanical Illustration Certificate Program and would like to take it again as a “refresher,” please reach out to to discuss the opportunity before registering. 

How are the programs taught online? Can they be recorded for me to view later?

Just like our in-person classes, our online courses are small to foster personal attention and community. Using Zoom, your instructor will lead you through a series of exercises and demonstrations. They will give feedback within the class or via email.

If you miss a class, it can't be recorded to view later due to privacy restrictions. Thank you in advance for understanding. 

Can I complete the Certificate Program if I don’t live in the Denver area?

Yes! Our program provides both on site and online course offerings, allowing students living away from Denver the opportunity to complete the Certificate Program.

How do I prepare for my course or workshop?

  • Once you register you will receive an email with a course syllabus, including the materials you need for the course (and a Zoom link if your course is online). Please read this carefully and make sure to gather everything you need.
  • Some courses have supplies included. This will be noted in the course description as well as on the materials list.
  • If materials are included and your course is online, they will be shipped to you at the mailing address you provided.
  • There is a small additional shipping fee for packages that must be shipped outside of Colorado.
  • If your course is online, you will also need to prepare a workspace and check your technology.

Can I miss a class session and still get credit toward my certificate?

Attendance is required at the first class of all courses. If absent during the first class, attendance at subsequent classes will not be allowed, except on a case-by-case basis. To receive credit, 80 percent of the course sessions must be attended. To work toward credit for an absence in any required class, work must be made up to the satisfaction of both the instructor and SBAI Program Manager. If you know in advance that you will miss a class session, please notify SBAI staff by emailing

What is the cancellation policy and what do I do if I need to cancel or change a registration?

Here is a full explanation of Denver Botanic Gardens’ Education and Programs Cancellation policy. If a class does not have enough registrants, it will be canceled no later than one week prior to the class start date. You will receive an email with instructions on how to obtain your full refund.

Do I need to have an art or botany background to take courses with SBAI?

Everyone is welcome! Some courses in the botanical illustration program have prerequisites recommended by the instructor, which are noted in the course description.

Is financial assistance available?

Thanks to the generous support from Botanical Interests/Epic Gardening, the School of Botanical Art & Illustration offers scholarships twice yearly, in spring and fall. Selected by SBAI staff, scholarship winners are awarded one free class, and may choose from Botanical Illustration Core or Elective classes, as well as Art Exploration classes. Applicants may apply for one scholarship per year. 

Visit the links below to apply for a scholarship. Applications must be submitted through this electronic form by April 25, 2024 or November 1, 2024



How often are new courses added to the schedule?

New courses may be added at any time, however, courses generally open for registration twice a year in December and June. 

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