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Colorado Natives in the Home Landscape

June 15, 2023 Horticulture Department

As a gardener in the urban Front Range, each season brings new challenges, or the same challenges just in a different order. Rabbits, salt, cold and hot temperatures, drought, foot traffic – sometimes

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Planning Your Garden with Design Principles

March 10, 2023 Julia Pearson

When designing your own garden, the practical considerations are the most important decisions. The creative aspects of your design are more nuanced and may be where you need the most help. Here are

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The Garden Design Process, Step-by-Step

February 27, 2023 Julia Pearson

Now is the time to make plans for your garden before the frenzy of spring arrives. How do you begin designing your own home garden? Or updating one you inherited? All the decision-making can be

Josephine Streetscape

East Josephine: End of A Year

November 30, 2020 Kevin Williams

There were moments of sheer exasperation under the unrelenting summer sun. The months of 90-degree temps without significant rainfall were very hard on the young, establishing plants of the East

Hesperaloe Dasylirion Artemisia

Introducing East Josephine: This Hill Is Alive!

August 5, 2020 Kevin Williams

If you’ve driven past the Gardens on the Josephine Street corridor and glanced eastward, you may have noticed some changes: new plants emerging from a formerly barren hillside, horticulturists gazing

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