January 7, 2010 | Mike Kintgen, Curator of Alpine Collections

agave resizedWinter is my least favorite season, no doubt about it.  The coldest season does have a few perks, it is really the only time when gardeners can catch their breath and truly enjoy the garden for what it is.  Every other season brings innumerable tasks, from planting to weeding, cutting back and watering there is always something that needs immediate attention.   In winter one can enjoy the purest structure of the garden, deciduous trees are reduced to enticing branch patterns, evergreens:  coniferous, broadleaf and herbaceous take center stage with so few flowers to compete against.  The conifers become especially lovely with a dusting of light snow on a brilliant sunny day.  Agaves, Yuccas, and Nolina prove just how garden worthy they are in accommodating climates with their highly sculpted forms.  Lastly winter is a time to reflect back on the successes and failures of the past gardening season and to look ahead  to the possibilities of the coming growing season.pmugo resized


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