Six Ways to Create Your Own Wellness Adventure

February 21, 2022 Sydney Goldade , Adult Education Assistant Manager

Health and wellness used to be limited to physical strength and fitness, but our education team has been challenging that mindset and redefining programming in this sphere. The past two years have emphasized how essential caring for our mental health is, and how that can be further supported by moving our bodies to release endorphins. We have also realized in this ever-changing and stressful time how important it is to simply have fun! Inspired by these ideas, we redeveloped our programming to provide health and wellness in a more holistic way.

Studies show the positive impact nature has on our physical and mental wellbeing, which puts Denver Botanic Gardens in a unique position as our mission is to “connect people with plants.” We hope the Gardens will be a central component of your 2022 health and wellness journey and that our classes will help awaken your mind, body and spirit through our nature-based programming.

Here are six easy ways to create your own wellness adventure:

  • Be as introspective or social as you like with our yoga, guided meditation walks, hiking and forest bathing programs. 
  • Experience every aspect of personal wellness through music, body movement and an outdoor picnic during our summertime program Vinyasa, Violins and Vino.
  • Learn to make your own home remedies, teas and herbal salves and spices in the Herbalism Certificate Program or the shorter Ayurveda series.
  • Engage in the meditative aspects of Bonsai or Ikebana, while learning the principles of design, beauty and balance.Get excited about local produce and learn how to cook unique farmers market or CSA finds while reducing food waste with our virtual chef-led cooking series, Unboxed.
  • Take time to play in the dirt and watch life flourish from seed with our gardening programs designed for every skill level.

We've curated a list of health and wellness classes for you; all you have to do is choose what works for you. As the definition of “wellness” expands, we invite you to reward yourself, try something new, eat something delicious and have fun!

This post was written by Sydney Goldade, adult education assistant manager, and Patricia Harvey, adult program coordinator. 


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