March 27, 2012 | Membership Department

Photo copyright Scott Dressel-MartinWhile April has its share of showers
The Gardens has its share of flowers.
To keep on with this sharing trend,
Please share our beauty with a friend! 

After enjoying leaf, bud, and tree
And your pal is impressed (as we know they will be),
Say: “As lovely as these paths are in the spring,
You should see what a whole year of membership brings!" 

And then hope that they join, for if they do,
They’ll get $10 off, and there are two extra guest passes in it for you!
So share the joy, and please do remember
All that is required is your friend leaves here a member. 


The season is full of opportunities to "Share Spring with a Friend" at Denver Botanic Gardens.  Members who get their friends to join Denver Botanic Gardens at our Bonfils-Stanton Visitors Center* during a visit in April will receive two free guest passes (a $25 value) while their new member friends will get $10 off any membership.  Share a celebration of spring together!

*Promotion only available through in-person sales at the Gardens Bonfils-Stanton Visitors Center.

Also: Don’t miss out on fun for the whole family at Denver Botanic Gardens’ Spring Scavenger Hunt on Sunday, April 8  from noon until 4 p.m.  Enjoy fun and educational scavenger hunts and win prizes for finishing, in both the Mordecai Children’s Garden and the main Gardens.  Join us from noon until 4 p.m. for what is sure to be a great day for the family at Denver Botanic Gardens.

Spring is full of activity, and of course the landscape of this amazing property is changing practically on a weekly basis. It truly is a great time to share these experiences with a friend.  All of us on the membership team hope you get a chance to do so.  See you at the Gardens!

Michael Salamone, Membership Coordinator


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