Medicinal Plants Virtual Tour at the Gardens

July 28, 2018 Horticulture Department

Kenna here, the medicinal plant intern at Denver Botanic Gardens. I’m excited to announce the newly publicized medicinal plants virtual tour on the Gardens Navigator website! In creating this virtual tour, I hope to bring more awareness to medicinal plants and help dispel  the reputation of "pseudo-science" that herbalism often has.

Here is the Medicinal Plants Tour

I chose 30 plants, ranging from the tropics to the tundra, from cattails to Calendula. I also picked plants that were in as many of the different sub-gardens within the Gardens as possible, so that those following this tour on foot would see the variety in color and scent these plants are known for.

On this tour you’ll find extensive research on both the stories and science behind each plant. Read about the mythology surrounding Alder trees while also learning about the chemicals that make them so medicinal. I’ve even added practical recipes to go along with each plant that you can try at home. Included in each exhibit are growth tips provided by some of our staff horticulturists for growing these plants successfully in the ever-changing Colorado climate.

On the introduction page of this tour, you’ll find the link to the Denver Medicinal Plant Society (DMPS), which I worked with in my research. On the DMPS website there are even more recipes and history on medicinal plants not covered in this tour, as well as more scientific evidence behind why medicinal plants "work."

On the introduction page you’ll find a link to my YouTube channel, where I’ve filmed short videos of how to make these recipes. Each video is no longer than three minutes and gives practical and easy ways to make old classics and new favorites, such as a comfrey salve. Join me as I show you how to infuse more medicinal plants into your life. Get it?

Okay, joking aside, you’ll find references and acknowledgements on the front page as well. I have done extensive research to make sure this tour is as accurate and informative as possible. With more than 100 cited references, I’m happy to say that everything you learn about on this tour came from a credible source. So, what are you waiting for? Take our virtual tour today!


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