A Look Inside Spring Plant Sale’s Homegrown Division

April 20, 2020 Special Events

It’s safe to say that spring this year has been a bit of a shakeup in terms of our normal routines and day-to-day activities, and Spring Plant Sale is no different. This year, the sale will be operated online with a drive-thru pick-up. While this new technique brings a lot of “new” with it, there will be things that are still familiar, and one of those is our Grown at the Gardens division.

What is “Grown at the Gardens” and what makes it so unique to Spring Plant Sale?

Grown at the Gardens is just that! They’re plants our greenhouse production team has grown for public sales. The production team grows plants to be planted in the gardens at York Street and Chatfield Farms as well as sold during plant sales. A lot of the plants you’ll find in the Grown at the Gardens division often can’t be found at your local garden center.

How are Grown at the Gardens plants selected?

There are a few factors that go into choosing plants for the Grown at the Gardens Division. Our horticulture team will often pick staff favorites throughout the Gardens they want to share with the public. What makes the Grown at the Gardens division special is that a plant a visitor may see blooming in the Gardens may also be available for sale at Spring Plant Sale. The greenhouse production team also looks for “oddballs” you may not be able to find anywhere else. They also focus on providing a good selection of plants native to Colorado and plants that are water-smart.

What is some advice you’d share with someone shopping Grown at the Gardens for the first time?

There are many plants that will thrive almost anywhere in a garden. However, keep in mind some have specific needs such as location and type of water. Each plant listing in the online store includes planting notes to help them grow to their fullest potential. Don’t be afraid to try something new, though. One of the benefits of Grown of the Gardens is the learning experience. It’s a fun way to learn something new and expand your garden.

We want to thank our greenhouse production team and those dedicated to creating a grand selection of plants for our Grown at the Gardens division during Spring Plant Sale. We hope you’ll enjoy expanding your garden too with our new selections from Grown at the Gardens and the many other divisions available during this year’s Spring Plant Sale.

Online orders will be available for purchase April 28  - May 1. Find out more about Spring Plant Sale.


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