Cracking the Sustainability Code

September 29, 2020 Melissa Schaap , Corporate Partnerships Manager

Have you met Digger the Marmot? As the mascot for Mordecai Children’s Garden at Denver Botanic Gardens, he’s always ready for adventure—and even though the Children’s Garden is currently closed, he’s ready to take you on the Diversity of Life Expedition in the main Gardens, supported by Xcel Energy

But time is running out! The Expedition closes on October 31. Now’s the time to enjoy these beautiful autumn days at the Gardens and see if you and your little explorers can find all eight signs. 

Co-created by Denver Botanic Gardens and Xcel Energy, two of Denver’s leading voices in sustainability, the Diversity of Life Expedition is a fun, interactive outdoor activity for all ages. 

As you work your way through the Gardens on York Street, look for Digger’s signs to “crack the code” for taking care of our planet and saving money on energy bills.

Xcel Energy, a long-time partner of the Gardens and innovator in sustainability, has a big vision to provide carbon-free electricity by 2050. To do that, everyone in the community must come together to help. Activities like the Diversity of Life Expedition help build awareness about the steps to reduce energy use at home. That’s how – together – we’ll create a carbon-free future!

Xcel Digger Sign

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