Nicholas Kadzungura, So Proud of My Children, stone, 2002. Gift of Antoinette Tadolini and family.

So Proud of My Children

Nicholas Kadzungura’s soft, poetic forms often depict groups of people in prayer, discussion or mourning. In So Proud of My Children, Kadzungura depicts a mother gazing on her children as they share in reading a book, which intimately portrays parenthood and the importance of education. So Proud of My Children is located in the Ornamental Grasses Garden.


About the Artist

Born in Mashonland Central Province, Zimbabwe, Nicholas Kadzungura (b. 1967) began his sculpting career in 1987 under the guidance of prominent first-generation sculptor Damian Manuhwa. By 1988, Kadzungura was exhibiting his sculptures in both Zimbabwe and New Zealand. His works often explore themes of justice, education and family. Kadzungura uses hard stone for his works such as springstone and verdite. He draws on the natural form and color of the stone as inspiration for his sculpture.

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