Singing Bowls at the Gardens

Join intuitive sound artist, Ann Martin, and her family of singing bowls and gongs for a harmonious, sound healing meditation. Experience first-hand how to stop the mind chatter and bring the brain and body to a place of uncommon peace. The event concludes with a full spectrum of healing frequencies from the 36"" OM Gong, to vibrate and harmonize every cell. Bring centering, awakening and blissful balance to your world!

All concerts include entry to the Gardens for the day.

Please note: Program is not suitable for young children.


June: Growing Summer Energy

Reclined experience, Mitchell Hall

Take this time in meditation to pause and appreciate all that summer has to offer. Consider what you d like to bring into this season of abundance. Our sound journey boosts heart energy for insight into summer s most powerful gifts.


July: Soul of Summer

Reclined experience, Mitchell Hall

The key to appreciating all that summer has to offer is practicing PRESENCE, finding the essence of summer in every precious moment. This sound healing meditation eliminates mind-chatter and relaxes the body so you can experience that place where mind, body and heart are ready to receive the vibrant awareness that IS the soul of summer.


August: Elements Meditation

Reclined experience, Mitchell Hall

Fire, water, air, earth  these four elements are the essence of the entire world, both within you and around you. Exploring them and developing a connection with them in meditation helps you to expand and harmonize your relationship with all things.


November: Thanks and Giving

Seated experience, Sturm Family Auditorium

During this season of appreciation, we can pause in meditation to align with our center of gratitude and refuel our true selves with ways we might offer our gifts to our world.


December: Silent Night

Seated experience, Sturm Family Auditorium

Float on waves of gentle harmonic resonance from the crystal harp and singing bowls. Surrender to a "sonic sleigh-ride" as the Om Gong whisks you away into no-mind. Experience true silence like never before...the perfect gift for you to take into your busy holiday time.


December: All Is Calm

Seated experience, Sturm Family Auditorium

Step out of the business of this holiday season and find the peace that passes all understanding. Sound meditation is your vehicle to transport you into uncommon stillness and peace.


Special Instructions: Please bring blankets, mats and bolsters to be comfortable during the presentation. Facility is ADA and chairs will also be available.


Price: $25, $22 member

Instructor: Ann Martin


Ann Martin is an internationally known musician, healer, educator and soundscape artist who brings a contemporary approach to singing bowls and gongs. She cultivates dynamic and harmonically beautiful meditative concerts that are deeply relaxing and memorable. She combines 30 years in the healing arts with 40 years as a professional musician to bring a fresh perspective to mindfulness, presence and wellness. Her meditative concerts offer a new level of insight around working with sound as musical medicine. Ann is a sought-after recording artist, published author, keynote speaker and international instructor of the BLISSbowls series of 5-star online singing bowl training courses, viewed in 92 countries and translated into 32 languages. For more information on classes, concerts and sessions, visit

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