Prairie Pup Adventures at Plains Conservation Center

Prairie Pup Adventures at the Plains Conservation Center offers a fun way for preschool aged children to learn about the animals, plants and people who call the prairie home. Each week we will investigate a topic using hands on science, art and nature explorations. For children ages 3-6 with their accompanying caregiver.

Time: 9-10a.m.

March 26, 2024: Prairie Safari

Take a ride in the safari truck to see the beautiful plants and animals of the prairie while using scientific tools like magnifying glasses, microscopes and binoculars.

April 9, 2024: Reptiles

Snakes, turtles and lizards oh my! Come meet some reptilian friends while learning what makes reptiles different from other animals. Includes live animals.

April 23, 2024: Flowers

Do you like flowers? We do too! Join us to explore the parts of a flower, look for flowers in nature, create a beautiful flower craft and finish by planting your own flowers to take home.

May 7, 2024: Pronghorn

Pronghorn are fascinating animals that live on the Colorado prairie. Through games and activities we will explore what makes this animal so special and then head out in the wagon to look for some in the wild!

May 21, 2024: Cheyenne Native Americans

The prairies of Colorado were once home to the Cheyenne Native Americans and are still very much their land. Get inside the tipis with us to learn more about the Cheyenne people and how they used the plants and animals of the plains to thrive for centuries.

June 18, 2024: Birds

What makes birds different than other animals? Join us to learn all about birds on the prairie by looking at bird parts, dissecting owl pellets, taking a safari ride to look for birds, and making a bird themed craft.

July 9, 2024: Biscuits and Butter in the Homestead

Do you like to cook? Let's take a wagon ride to the 1800s sod village and cook on the wood burning stove! Measure, mix and churn to make fresh biscuits and butter as a morning snack.

July 23, 2024: Life on the Farm

Come visit our farm animals and learn how to take care of them by feeding and brushing the goats, sheep and cow. Then, we will venture into the garden to see what's growing and learn how to weed, plant and harvest produce.

August 13, 2024: Bugs

Join us to take a closer look at the little critters that call the prairie home. Learn about different types of "bugs" through games, crafts and using nets to catch and examine various insects and arachnids.*

*This class includes a snack-tivity containing dairy and gelatin. Please email with allergy concerns and we will make accomodations.

Audience: Recommended for children ages 3-6 years.

Program Fee: $8 per preschooler; one adult per child is admitted free of charge. Additional adults and non-participating siblings (children over the age of 6 years) are $5 each. Non-participating-Infants (children under the age of 18 months) are free.

Location: Plains Conservation Center, 21901 E Hampden Ave Aurora, CO 80013 (Entrance is at the corner of E Hampden Ave and S Picadilly Rd)

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