Plant Propagation 101

Plant Propagation 101 will cover vegetative and seed propagation of indoor and outdoor plants, with the primary focus on houseplant propagation. In this class we will discuss proper temperatures for seed germination, seed anatomy, vernalization, planting media and containers, how to propagate plants from different plant parts, and more! Each attendee will get hands-on experience with plant propagation, and will go home with cuttings or planted seed from a variety of indoor plants to grow at home. Come join us for a dive into the fun and diverse world of plant propagation!


Price: $50, $45 member

Instructor: Andrew Hatch


Andrew has spent 20+ years growing plants of all types and has grown over 200 orchid species commercially. He is a former president of the Denver Orchid Society and has been awarded at the national level for flower quality. Andrew gives guest lectures at colleges and universities on orchid micropropagation, and currently owns Artifact Gardens, a rare plant nursery and tissue culture lab that specializes in orchids, bromeliads, aroids, and other tropicals.

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