Orchid and Air Plant Living Sculpture Workshop

Have you taken Air Plants 101 and Orchids 101, and want to take it to the next level? Are you already epiphyte-savvy, and just want to create some living art for your home? Then come join us for our Orchid and Air Plant Living Sculpture Class!

Since epiphytes don't need soil to grow, many can be mounted on wood, stone, or other natural materials, and can be grown on a countertop or hung from the ceiling as living art! In this course, you will take what you know about orchids and air plants, and create a free-standing, living sculpture to take home. Included are air plants and orchids, care information, all mounting materials, and hands-on instruction. Bring some tropical beauty into your home this year with our Orchid and Air Plant Living Sculpture Class!


Price: $86, $76 member

Instructor: Andrew Hatch


Andrew has spent 20+ years growing plants of all types and has grown over 200 orchid species commercially. He is a former president of the Denver Orchid Society and has been awarded at the national level for flower quality. Andrew gives guest lectures at colleges and universities on orchid micropropagation, and currently owns Artifact Gardens, a rare plant nursery and tissue culture lab that specializes in orchids, bromeliads, aroids, and other tropicals.


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