Japanese Tea Ceremony

For centuries, the tea ceremony has been considered the epitome of Japanese life, based on harmony, respect, purity, tranquility and elegant simplicity. Come experience the real thing - a traditional ceremony inside our authentic Japanese Tea House in the Japanese Garden.

Each ceremony is held in the Ella Mullen Weckbaugh Tea House in Shofu-En, the Japanese Garden, at Denver Botanic Gardens.


The format of the class consists of four parts:

1) Guide the guests through the tea garden and teach them how to use the washbasin (tsukubai).

2) An introduction to the history and philosophy of tea ceremony.

3) Demonstration of the tea ceremony in the tea room.

4) Serve Japanese sweets (okashi) and tea to the guests.


Price: $42, $36 member


Special Instructions: Meet at the tea house at 15 minutes before your program time. Jeans, shorts, short skirts, or sleeveless tops are not permitted. Please turn off all cell phones during the ceremony.

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