Air Plants 101

Air Plants 101 is a journey into the weird, wild and wonderful world of Tillandsia. Commonly known as air plants, Tillandsia are found throughout Central and South America, with some as far north as the southern United States. Since they don't need pots to grow, they can add beauty to a home in ways that aren't possible with potted plants.

Air plants have become very popular houseplants, but the care instructions received with them often create more questions. In this class, explore what makes these plants the amazing organisms they are, including cultivation, basic biology, reproduction, mounting, watering, lighting needs and more. Learn to mount air plants on cork bark, and take home an unusual, 5-8" blooming-sized Tillandsia. If you love these plants but struggle with growing them (or just simply love these plants), join us for Air Plants 101!


Price: $48, $43 member

Instructor: Andrew Hatch


Andrew has spent more than 20 years growing plants of all types and has grown over 100 species of Tillandsia commercially. He holds a bachelor's degree in soil and crop sciences from CSU and has been growing Tillandsia for over 20 years, nine of them commercially. Andrew gives guest lectures at colleges and universities on orchid micropropagation and owns Artifact Gardens, a rare plant nursery and tissue culture lab that specializes in orchids, bromeliads, aroids and other tropicals.

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