Niki Goulandris, Paeonia from Leukas, from Peonies of Greece by William T, Stearn and P.H. Davies, lithograph, 1984, gift of A.G. Andrikopoulos.

Paeonia from Leukas

Artwork not currently on view.

Greek artist and philanthropist Niki Goulandris balanced her illustrious political career with a love for botanical illustration. Peonies were her favorite due to their long association with Greek history and mythology. Peonies are named after Paeon, the mythological physician to the Greek Gods.


About the artist

Niki Goulandris (1925-2019) was born in Athens as Niki Kephala. She studied botanical painting and political science, eventually earning her master's degree in political science and economics. The illustrator of several botanical volumes, she described capturing flowers as a sensory, spiritual experience, so much so that she could recall the scent of the flowers as she drew them. An advocate for Greek nature, she hoped readers would seek out flowers in their own environments. Goulandris conveyed her passion for Greek nature and culture with a lifelong career as a philanthropist, politician, and arts advocate.

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