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Homeschool Programs

Help your students grow their knowledge of prairie living, ecology studies and appreciation for the natural world with a program from Denver Botanic Gardens held at Plains Conservation Center (PCC), located at 21901 E. Hampden Avenue, Aurora, CO 80013.

  • All programs may be modified in the event of inclement weather. Cancellations due to extreme weather may be rescheduled if a mutually agreeable date is available in the schedule.
  • Advance registration and prepayment is required for all programs. 

Homeschool Programs at PCC

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Scout Programs


Life in the High Plains (Grades K-5)

Discover the prairie on a wagon ride (weather permitting) and/or discover what life was like for the Cheyenne Indians and the homesteaders on the high plains in the 1800s. Explore how the Cheyenne adopted a lifestyle of semi-nomadic hunter/gatherers to thrive on the prairie. Learn about roles within the homesteading communities of 1887 and how they supported each other. Learn about the flora and fauna of the prairie while engaging in real field-science which may include bird surveys, prairie dog ethograms and water quality testing. Each option includes 2 hours of guided programming and 1 hour of camp fire (bring your own s'mores). We are happy to include badge requirements such as archery or cooking, with advanced notice.

When registering, please indicate which of the following program areas you would like to reserve: Prairie Ecology, Sod Homestead and/or Cheyenne Camp (maximum of two topics).

Cost: $12 per scout within SCFD, $14 outside SCFD (One adult chaperone admitted free for every five scouts, additional chaperones are $7 each)
When: Fridays and Saturdays 


One-Day Prairie Perspectives Immersion Plus Optional Overnight

Immerse your scouts in the challenging perspective of a child growing up in the 1800s as a Cheyenne Indian or a homesteader. Scouts explore the prairie ecosystem and participate in activities at the homestead and Cheyenne camp, cook a meal, journal and connect with the cultural history. Overnight portion includes campfire, wagon rides on the prairie and sleeping in the tipis (weather permitting).


  • One-Day Prairie Perspective Immersion, 9 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.: $60 within SCFD / $65 outside SCFD
  • One-Day Prairie Perspectives Plus Optional Overnight, ends 9 a.m. the following day: $125 within SCFD / $130 outside SCFD

One adult chaperone admitted free for every five scouts, additional chaperones are $30 each for the one day program and $60 each for the overnight program.

When: One-Day Immersion: September – October and April – May
Overnights: May and September only

Please email for more information or to book a program for your troop. 


Girl Scout Days at Plains Conservation Center

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